Fulcrum 20 Ton Hydraulic BottleJack FC008

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  • Fulcrum 20 Ton Hydraulic BottleJack FC008
  • Fulcrum 20 Ton Hydraulic BottleJack FC008
  • Fulcrum 20 Ton Hydraulic BottleJack FC008
  • Fulcrum 20 Ton Hydraulic BottleJack FC008
  • Fulcrum 20 Ton Hydraulic BottleJack FC008
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Warranty Information

In order to assure your warranty from us,please take a clear picture or video for unpacking,if the parcel is empty,damaged or incorrect weight,please ask your Post Office or Logistics to provide official document,especially the claim request paper

We provide 6 months warranty for all products except accessories. The warranty of items would be failed if you fix or disassemble it without our agreement. Please show us the clear video if you have after-service problems.

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Additional Information

Derivative Series:
Soft Baseball (For children)
Model Number:
ccc 001
Applicable People:
Surface Material:
Exercise Baseball
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